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Building condition surveys in Essex and East London

The Building condition survey is the present name for what used to be called a 'Full Structural Survey'.


Building condition surveys completed by Tillett Burns & Hughes Chartered Surveyors in Essex and East London comprise of a detailed report on type of construction, repairs needed, a cost guide, and advice on future maintenance, with accompanying photos or sketches to illustrate issues of importance. Comment is given on services but they are not tested.


This kind of survey is suitable for any residential property but particularly period or unusual buildings.

Our price categories for Building Condition surveys (incl. VAT) are as follows:

                                                                 (Excl. valuation)   (Incl. valuation)

Purchase price up to £150,000:                 £500                     £550

Purchase price £150,001 - £300,000:       £600                      £650

Purchase price £300,001 - £500,000:       £700                      £750


Phone for a quote on higher value properties.

See Conditions of Engagement for building condition survey.


See Conditions of Engagement for market valuation.


Tillet Burns & Hughes Chartered Surveyors can also provide a main structure survey where refurbishment is planned or an intermediate survey for properties of traditional style and design.

A white house with brown roof, in a sloping garden full of bushes and privet hedges A pale brick house with white double garage and curved driveway between lawns and bushes Detached house with black front door and black garage door